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Mike and Jiaojiao are an American+Taiwanese couple who moved to France in 2010 after living in Singapore for 13 years. We have lots of photos of our France adventure so far, and if you read Chinese you are welcome to visit jiaojiaoʼs blogs about Paris and our apartment.

Mike is originally from the US state of Minnesota where he taught music. During his stay in Singapore he lectured at a university for teacher education. Jiaojiao hails from Taiwan where she worked for many years as a travel journalist before meeting Mike. After moving to Singapore, she operated her own small business importing soft furnishings from a Taiwanese designer, as well as began her collection of antique Chinese embroidery.

Singapore is a tropical country, centrally located among a vast and varied set of Asian cultures. Fortunately, we have always loved to travel -- as individuals before we married, as well as now as a couple. We have had the pleasures of exploring the many lands of Southeast Asia, East Asia, South Asia, and beyond. We enjoy absorbing as much as we can of the rich and diverse cultures, histories, landscapes, cuisines, and daily lives of the peoples we encounter. Our photo website can show you a sampling of the places we've visited.

So, what brings us to Paris? For quite a few years we had been looking for a future retirement locale, but it didn't take much persuading for us to choose France. Jiaojiao studied in France when she was younger, so France is very familiar to her. As for Mike, he loves France and the French lifestyle: the wine, food, history, culture, museums.

After years of preparation, we finally bought a Paris studio apartment. The Paris flat is primarily for rental purposes, though, and mostly we live in a farmhouse about 140km east of Paris, near Reims in the Marne- Champagne region.

For the present, though, from time to time we make good use of the Paris apartment for our own excursions into the city, visiting museums and enjoying life in the quartiers. And we hope that our guests will be able to enjoy the apartment as much as we do!

We'd be very happy to give any advice we can about places to see or things to do during your stay in our apartment. Our goal is that you will have the most enjoyable time in Paris!


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