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Jiaojiao Louvre
Apartment Rental


To Request a Booking

  1. 1.You can either email us directly or submit the form below.

  2. 2.When we receive your booking request, we will reply to you within 24 hours with the amount of deposit required. We will also give you instructions how to pay by your choice of electronic bank transfer or Paypal. While your booking request is being processed, we will hold the room for three days for you to make your deposit.

  3. 3.In order to confirm your reservation, we will require a deposit equal to 30% of the rent. For reservations made less then two months before the date of arrival, the guest is required to pay the full rent in advance.

  4. 4.We will confirm your booking by email once the funds are received.

  5. 5.Please read our Rental Conditions.


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